Practice Group Details

Securities, Corporate Litigation

The firm’s clients sometimes face claims brought under the nation’s securities laws and regulations, as well as under the unique provisions of the California Corporate Securities Act and implementing regulations. Burke litigators have extensive experience defending claims under all applicable state and federal securities laws, including the ’33 Act, ’34 Act, ’40 Act, Rule 10b-5, and Blue Sky laws. We have defended claims against corporations, broker-dealers and registered representatives, in single-plaintiff litigation, and in shareholder derivative suits. Our litigators have represented public-entity issuers of municipal bonds and notes in defense of securities fraud and related claims. We have handled securities litigation before all tribunals, including federal courts, state courts, and FINRA proceedings. A senior Burke litigator briefed and argued two securities law cases resulting in reported decisions, both with client victories.

In a related area, our litigators frequently handle litigation involving corporate and partnership disputes. These include board of directors disputes, litigation involving corporate officers and other fiduciaries, shareholder lawsuits, including derivative litigation, partnership disputes, and lawsuits brought by or against members of limited liability corporations or partnerships.