Practice Group Details

Eminent Domain

Burke, Williams & Sorensen’s experience working with government agencies, property owners, and tenants in eminent domain and related real property law is long-standing, extensive, and varied.  We regularly represent public agencies in all aspects of property acquisition matters.  Burke’s eminent domain team provides significant pre-litigation assistance, including assistance in negotiations to acquire property, drafting offer packages, resolutions of necessity and staff reports, and preparing other documentation justifying the settlement of property acquisitions.  Additionally, Burke’s condemnation lawyers are regularly involved with all aspects of eminent domain and inverse condemnation litigation, including the drafting of pleadings, undertaking discovery, obtaining prejudgment orders of possession and, where necessary, taking the matters through trial and appeal.

Burke has extensive experience in acquiring several types of land for a variety of public purposes

  • Public Buildings
  • Roadways
  • Mass Transit
  • Sewer & Water Lines
  • Billboard Removal
  • Bicycle and Equestrian Trails
  • Power Lines

Burke's expertise in handling all aspects of eminent domain

  • Assisting with initial appraisal and deposit of probable compensation
  • Drafting of Government Code Offers and Resolutions of Necessity
  • Coordinating acquisition of multiple property interests
  • Obtaining prejudgment possession
  • Cost effective expert and non-expert discovery
  • Resolution of valuation issues through motion practice
  • Trial
  • Appeal